Thursday, October 6, 2016


HEY-  Before I never write on this blog again. I want to thank all the 9 people who followed this blog and the 60 something people that followed me on google+ because of my blog!
I like this blog don't get me wrong but times are changing, and with that so must I. So i am starting a blog for my book, that's link will be on my Google+ account. I hope you ladies and gents will like and follow this new blog where I will post my sister's illustrations for my book, and some pages from an ancient manuscript I wrote a while ago. When man first found fire. LOL! See you guys on my new blog!
An as always keep writing, you amazing talented writers!

Monday, December 7, 2015

To Submit or Not To Submit . . . (A.K.A. How to seek out an agent or publisher!)

Me-"Well so am I! An that's Okay!
 Just don't take it out on anybody.
Let it fuel your writing fire."
1- You Have a Right to be Sad-Mad:
      I know I always say, "Never give up!" Well you shouldn't, because if you do something, You will normally succeed if you do your best at it. However my point is, I will never say You can't be sad. Because I have been a little down lately. I dislike sending my book (A.K.A "My baby")to people who don't like it as much as I do. Yet that's life, you few writers reading this should know not every reader who reads your book is going love it. So when sending your book to agents or publishers focus on the good things in your life because if you don't people will defiantly say:  

2- Look Around For What Best Fits You:   
Now I have browsed all over the internet, for the best literary agents, and publishing house that accept unsolicited manuscripts. What I have learned on my adventure, is there are plenty of both out there for every kind of writer no matter what the genre. For people who like things fast and efficient, look into this years and next years writers' digest at your local library. For people who don't mind browsing the web for the best go to writers' digest website, or just google tell you find what you like. So keep searching and eventually you will find them and be like:

3- A Publishing House that accepts unsolicited manuscripts:
 CQ is a website I just tried. I have my fingers crossed because I would like them to accept my novel. Yet I thought you guys might like the link too. Now one author you might know who this company help publish is "Andrea Berthot" my sister loves her book "the heartless city" you should check it out.
Now that's all so: 

As always Hope this helps you guys and girls out. if you guys/girls like this post comment or just share it. If you girls/guys have any tips for me go ahead and comment! An if you guys don't mind will you check out this link, would really appreciate it! : AWESOME!Now keep On Writing! 


Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to write a Thriller! (A.K.A. Suspense Is Key!)

1- Keep Readers Jumping in
 Their Seats!
Best way to give a reader a thrill in my opinion. Your writing has to be detailed while also full of action and mystery.
Such as: "We three sat in the dark on the leather couch watching 'Friday the 13th'. the smell of popcorn filled the air. we all knew why we were here , we knew what we were waiting for. Then as the credits rolled, I heard the knock. I looked at my friends, we knew what we had to do. It was time. We grabbed the jar, the secret jar. Then we headed to the door, we saw the shadowed figure standing on the other side. I opened the door. Then we did what we had to do,  what so many of are friends had done before us. . . We paid the pizza guy. (LOL)
Now you see I didn't describe much, for a thriller you need to leave room in your writing for your reader to go wild with their imaginations. You want your book to thrill your readers to the bone so when they hear a noise they'll be like- 

Readers- "I love this book!"
2-Make sure to Give necessary 

 You need to be vague with details when writing thrillers but not so much that your readers are wondering what's going on. You need to describe the main stuff like your surroundings. You see above I wrote it where I describe only a few things. Where you know their in the living room. because I explained the couch and the tv. So be detailed. You want your readers to be like-

Readers- "Holy Crap don't Leave me alone."
3-Thriller Or Horror?

You need to know there is a difference between thriller stories and horror stories. in thrillers there is less blood. in horror there are a lot of bodies. I've notice some writers can get lost in the shady wall between thriller and horror. So you need to know thriller stories are made to excite a reader. Horror stories are made to frighten a reader so
 their like-  

Well guys as always I hope these tips help you guys out! I know it's short but If you like my post share it please and comment!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Finished My Book!

Hey guys I am exceedingly happy to report that I have finished my second novel. If you would like to read it please put your name in the comment section and I will, when it's published, send you a copy of my book.

      Now that my writing is done I will get back to writing my daily tips on my blog for you guys.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to Keep Editing On Your Book, When You Feel Like Jumping Out a Window!

Me to My Twin Sis- "I'll work on it later!"

1- Don't Jump!(LOL) 

You see I' am currently editing my book, so I know exactly how it feels, to be in agony as you edit through your book looking for the tiniest error. It's Horrible! But the reward of finishing the editing of your book is wonderful so, Don't say-

Me reaching for a comic book-"I'll just read thi-"

Sis- "No!"

2-Don't Push It Off!(Someone will catch you! LOL!)

I know when your editing your book you want to just do anything but. Because to you the book is Golden! And Your book probably is. But just like with gold, you need to clean and shine your book so others can see it's beauty. So don't slack off! or this might happen...

Me-"Why won't this end!"

3-Split Your Editing Time in Half! 

You see while your editing your book it's hard to know if your view is the right one to edit your book. since if your a writer like me that makes your book a part of you. My advice split the load. Take the first five chapters, and then give the next five to your friend, professional editor, or family
member that is helping you edit!
once both of you are done trade
chapters and edit each other's work.
This will make sure you get a second
view on your book and give a nice 
editing process so your book isn't
changed from how you envisioned it.
This will also make it so your not banging
 your head against a wall saying-

Me- "You got this!"

4-Don't Stop Editing!

When you get in the editing groove, which is where a writer feels happy to be editing. You shouldn't stop other then for food & potty, of course. Because the editing process for any book is much harder to do if you only edit half of the book, Or the first view pages. P.S. the last edit of your book should always be done by a professional editor.

As always hope these tips help you guys out! Comment if they do! Will be writing so sorry if I don't blog for a while! My twin sister will be on me like white on rice to finish writing my book before august(Because I asked her to push me to finish) LOL! Good luck on your guys writing whoever is reading this!



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